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Our Management

Jason Cherubini, CPA, CGMA works to develop and/or improve the accounting processes of small and medium sized private enterprises. He primarily works with companies seeking private financing for growth or reorganization. Central to this work is the creation of attractive financial reports that maximize the perceived value of the companies.

Our Associates

Seraphim knows that the greatest value we offer to our clients is an experienced and well-trained staff. We go to great lengths to maintain a work force that not only has great experience, but consistently strives to do better; staying up to date with new developments, and constantly challenging the status quo.

In addition to our expert staff, we partner with industry leaders to add depth to our ability to service you, our clients.

We have developed and maintain solid relationships with these professionals and are proud to be able to offer their expertise to you.

The Seraphim Philosophy

Seraphim Associates focuses on helping small to medium sized businesses that require the expertise and management tools of a top tier management consulting firm, without the long-term high priced commitment.

Seraphim contributes to the growth, profit, and skills of it's clients by helping to solve business problems, raise capital, and increase overall efficiencies of doing business. Each of these benefits start with a clearly defined goal; and is then achieved through careful planning and detailed execution. Seraphim will help you through each of these steps to help maximize the value of your business.

Our Mission

Founder Jason Cherubini and the management team of Seraphim work under the principle that it is our mission to assist our client's in achieving their perfect business vision; not imposing our business vision on them.

This viewpoint allows us to bring our considerable experience and expertise to the service of our clients, regardless of their industry or business model. Many peers in the small business consulting arena look to fit their clients into pre-formed cookie cutter offerings; an idea that we believe does a disservice to clients.

By working with Seraphim, our clients have a trusted advisor on call who is able to offer insight, opinion, and expertise on their operations.

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