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Full Charge Accounting

Seraphim Associates offers Full Charge Accounting Services to select clients. With the full charge service, all accounting functions for your organization are handled directly by Seraphim. These functions include regular bookkeeping; Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable management; financial statement compilation; tax preparation and quarterly reviews.

For our smaller clients; and for individuals who are looking for full charge accounting services, Seraphim offers specialized services through our wholly owned subsidiary PEA Services, Inc. (

Private Tax Compliance

Seraphim Associates offers you and your heirs with integrated tax consulting and strategic advice to help you enjoy the most of your assets while minimizing current and future taxes. By actively planning, we can help you avoid missteps and proactively reduce tax liability.

Once the goals of your financial plan have been met, we will be able to help you plan on protecting and transferring your assets to your heirs. This plan will look to minimize gift and estate taxes, preserving the wealth you had worked for.

Specialized "Part-Time"

Often during the growth of your company you find yourself needing more accounting staff than you have; but you don't have enough work to justify spending the money on a full-time hire. Seraphim can offer the services of experienced accounting personnel on a short-term or permanent "part-time" basis.

By employing "part-time" personnel, companies are able to hire more experienced and higher quality staff than they would be able to if they were looking to fill a permanent full-time position.

Business Tax Compliance

Knowing when and how to submit all of the forms, documents and payments to every taxing jurisdiction can be as difficult to understand as the taxes themselves. Seraphim's professionals assist in keeping track of the details, and making sure that all compliance paperwork is properly filed.

You can depend on the smart, innovative and proactive ideas during the planning and execution stages to help your company keep more of what you've worked so hard to earn. Our goal is to make sense of the complex tax rules and focusing effort on the practical, value-added solutions that will make a difference to the bottom line.

Financial Audit Preparation and Support

Preparing for an annual audit can be a difficult and stressful time within your accounting department; and even more stressful for management. Seraphim can help your accounting department finalize it's year-end numbers; prepare auditor requested documents; and help review for any potential problems.

By working with your company in a consulting role, we are able to work in your best interest without having to worry about maintaining the independence of an attest engagement.

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