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CFO Services

Often during the growth of your company you find yourself needing an experienced manager for your financial functions; but you the cost of hiring a quality CFO is out of your current budget. Seraphim can offer the experienced CFO services on a short-term or permanent "part-time" basis.

Analyze Your Business

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your business is one of the key primary steps in planning for future growth in efficiency and profitability. Seraphim will work with your management team to outline your general business process and identify core strengths and weaknesses.

This initial review will often highlight areas to focus on during growth stages, and allow for the most productive use of resources. Business analysis can be coupled with other services to not only identify key strengths and weaknesses, but also plan to adjust current operations to address any issues.


Small Business Consulting

Seraphim's specialized area of expertise is with small and medium sized enterprises; with a focus area on those in fundraising, rapid growth, or turnaround phases.

The issues that small business face are more defined by their size than their particular industry. These often pertain to growth beyond the initial management team; generating dedicated sales; and acquiring new customers without sacrificing the core customer base.

Business Plans

Business plans are the blueprint of success for your business. A proper business plan tells the company's story, weaving a plot that captivates the reader. This story gives your management a guide to follow and a logical framework within which you can develop and pursue your strategies.

In obtaining financing for startup or expansion, it is even more important to have a poignant and effective written plan and accompanying documents. These documents are often the company's first introduction to investors, and it is vital to start off on the right foot.

Financial Modeling

Seraphim develops comprehensive financial models for capital raising, valuation, strategic planning, and other purposes. Each unique model is designed to convey economic potential to investors and other stakeholders in a clear and understandable manner while service as a dynamic, user-friendly management tool.

These models are designed by drawing on experience in forecasting revenues, expenses, capital expenditures and working capital needs. The development of the models is based on a bottom-up approach that considers the unique dynamics of the company and industry.

The integrated pro forma financial statements that are created through the financial model are custom-built to incorporate all drivers specific to your company and the market environment you are face. You are able to adjust the models based on changing assumptions which means they never become outdated.

Capital Formation

Seraphim can assist you in your capital formation requirements; whether you are looking for asset-based conventional financing; private investment; or outside venture capita/private equity. Since its inception; SAI has worked to establish and cultivate relationships with investors throughout the United States and internationally who are willing and able to invest in startup and growing companies.

We can help you structure your company to raise capita, including the development of a solid business plan, analysis of your business model for growth and profitability, negotiations, investor presentations, and working with your legal counsel to help close the deal.

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