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Individual Tax Preparation

Seraphim Associates offers complete tax preparation services for your federal and state returns. All returns are prepared and reviewed by Certified Public Accountant and/or Enrolled Agents using the most up to date researching capabilities available to ensure that you get the most out of your return.



All Associated Schedules


All 50 States


Foreign Tax Credit

Business Tax Preparation

No matter the size or organization of your business, Seraphim offers a complete tax preparation solution. Seraphim can assist in the closing of your books for year-end and then prepare all necessary federal and state filings.


Schedule C







Integrated Tax Preparation

Planning, Preparation, and Payment does not happen in a vacuum. The choices you make on your federal return affect your state return. The options you choose for your business return, will then affect your personal return.

Seraphim will work with you during the preparation, planning and payment stages of your taxes to help you as an individual and as a business owner to keep the most legally possible of what you've worked so hard to earn across all of your taxable entities. Our goal is to make navigate the complex and integrated tax rules, focusing effort on the practical, value-added solutions that will make a difference to your total bottom line.

Tax Consulting

You should pay the least possible tax within the law. In order to help you achieve that goal, we work with you to develop the precise strategy that will serve to minimize tax liabilities. We help develop your tax plan in conjunction with your other financial goals, plans and ambitions. Our review looks for areas of exposure, and how upcoming laws could effect your tax planning.

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